Spiderheart is a fluffy black she-cat with a teal eye and an amethyst eye.


Spiderheart is young and athletic. She loves her duty in the clan as medicine cat.

Placeholder person
Current LunaClan
Past {{{Past Clan}}}
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Siblings Takers?
Mate None
Kits None
Mentor(s) Unknown
Apprentice(s) Sunpaw
Role-Play Cinder


She is seen eating in camp when Sunpaw comes over and asks if Spiderheart will be her mentor as she forgot hers. Spiderheart replies saying that she was a medicine cat. She then hears Axolotheart ask if she can lead a hunting patrol. She goes over and asks if she can come along to collect tansy. Sunpaw then follows her saying she wants to be a medicine cat. Spiderheart then says they have to ask Moonstar first.

She is next seen in her den sorting herbs. She realized she was low on burdock root and went to her garden by an old oak tree in the woods. She digs all around the tree but doesn't find anything. She mumbles how strange it is to herself. When Spiderheart looks up an unknown cat, Aspenheart, was standing above her. She slowly starts to back away but the blue-gray she-cat advances, taunting her. Aspenheart hisses to her "Night Night Spiderheart." And hits her in the head with her paw causing Spiderheart to black out.

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