Greystar - pure white she-cat with a grey tail and blue eyes. Roleplayed by Feather
Deputy: Splashfur - blue-grey she-cat with white splodges and blue eyes. Roleplayed by Moss
Medicine Cat: Leafheart -light brown she-cat with brindled legs and amber eyes. Roleplayed by Shoon. Apprentice: Hollowpaw Roleplayed by Feather

Icypool - white she-cat with silver spots with aqua eyes and a stubby tail. Rped by Cinder

Aspenheart - sleek blue-gray she-cat with green eyes. Rped by Cinder

Brackenpelt - golden-brown tom with amber eyes. Apprentice: Darkpaw

Whitefeather - white she-cat with yellow eyes.

Snowheart - white she-cat with orange eyes.

Brightwing - black she-cat with orange tortoiseshell spots on her back and tail, and amber eyes. Apprentice: Fernpaw

Cloudfur - white tom with yellow eyes and tufted ears.

Apprentices: Hollowpaw - fluffy black tabby she-cat with yellow eyes.

Darkpaw - dark grey tom with yellow eyes.

Citrinepaw - ginger tom with a white tail tip and green eyes. Rolelplayed by Shoon

Fernpaw - tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes.

Spiritpaw - white she-cat with a fluffy orange striped tail with orange spots on the right side of her face with teal eyes. Rped by Cinderrrr

Queens and Kits:

Leopardwind - black she-cat with white whisps and amber eyes. Roleplayed by Shoon Mother to:

Starlingkit - speckled grey-brown tabby she-kit wth orange eyes. Roleplayed by Shoon

Plumkit - dark grey tom-kit with blue eyes. 

Hollybright - black-and-white she-cat with blue eyes. Mother to:

Thistlekit - grey she-kit with a darker grey face with a white muzzle, uneven grey mottles across her pelt, white shoulders, and hard, bright yellow eyes. Roleplayed by: Feather

Winterkit - tri-colour with orange eyes and a fluffy pelt. Roleplayed by: Feather

Frozenclaw - white she-cat with one grey paw and silver claws, and ice blue eyes. Mother to:

Chestnutkit - brown-and-black she-kit with fabulous pale green eyes. Roleplayed by: Feather

Stormkit - grey tom-kit with amber eyes. Roleplayed by Mossu~

Featherkit - silver tabby she-kit with a plumed tail and amber eyes.


Breezefur - black-and-grey tom with blue eyes.