Placeholder person
Current LunaClan
Past None
Father Darkfur
Mother Birchleaf
Siblings Mistkit
Mate None
Kits None
Mentor(s) None
Apprentice(s) None
Role-Play Neha
Hazelkit is a small, strong she-cat with white and gray fur. The gray parts of her can go from pale gray to dark gray, and they're all over her pelt. She has a thick, but soft tail, that shines in the sunlight. Her fur is thick, yet silky. She has icy pale blue eyes, that can become sky blue in the daylight. Her eyes change shades of blue in the light, and there's no telling what shade of blue they'll be at a certain time.


She's a kind and thoughtful kit. She loves to help anyone in need, and she's very sweet. You can ask her anything, and she can give you an answer. Even though she's a kit, she's very smart. She's loyal and honest, and her inteligence shines through. She's very insecure about herself, and often berates herself, because of her parents. She doesn't really know happiness, because she has yet to feel it. She seems like a sad kit, and she happens to be one. She has a crush on Soaringkit, and hopes to become his mate sometime.


She is first seen stumbling over to Soaringkit, her best friend, and saying that she hates her father. He asks why, and she responds that he's mean and he says mean things and he scratches her. Soaringkit says to stick with him, and Hazelkit admits she is scared. He tells her not to be, because he'll always be there for her. She thanks him and presses close to him. Afterward, he suggests playing, and she agrees happily.

She runs out of the nursery, calling for him to catch her. She runs into the medicine cat's den by mistake, but unharmed, leaps on Soaringkit and pins him to the ground. Mistkit pads up and asks if she can play. Hazelkit nods, and tells both kits to try to catch her, and runs away, not looking where she's going. Fennelpaw blocks her path and asks her harshly whether she can see the wall. Hazelkit apologizes and hides behind Soaringkit. Fennelpaw says she's just warning her. Memories of Hazelkit's father cloud her mind and she presses closer to Soaringkit. 

Soaringkit suggests they take a nap, and she nods. They go into the nursery, and Soaringkit lays next to her and falls asleep almost immediately. Hazelkit smiles and presses against him, letting his heart beat lull her to sleep. 


  • She is solely based upon Neha
  • She will become leader of LunaClan.
  • She and Soaringkit will eventually become mates. 
  • She is suicidal, and depressed, from kithood, because of her parents
  • Hers and Soaringkit's song is A Thousand Years , by Christina Perri