Leader: Fernstar- black tabby she-cat with azure eyes. Roleplayed by: Ferkkkkkkk
Deputy: Feralfur - fluffy grey-brown she-cat with white markings and green eyes. Roleplayed by: Feather
Medicine Cat:

Streamwish- Very pale gray she-cat with blue ears, paws, flecks, and tail tip and pale blue eyes. Silver


Breezeleaf - light brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes. Roleplayed by: Shoon~

Apprentices: Dawnpaw - cream-colored she-cat with icy blue eyes. Roleplayed by: Shoon

Frizzlepaw - fluffy orange tabby she-cat with large blue eyes and an ice cold nose. Rped by Cinder

Fallingpaw - ginger and white tabby she-cat with green eyes. Roleplayed by: Feather

Azurepaw- handsom gray tom with a white paw and azure eyes. Rolepayed by Ferkles


Crowwing - Jet black she-cat with long claws and dark, navy eyes. Roleplayed by: Mosssss. Mother of:

Midnightkit - Black and silver tabby she-cat. Roleplayed by: Moss

Dreamkit -pale feathery gray she-cat with white paws, chest-fur, and muzzle with round blue eyes that sometimes appear to be glowing but actually aren't Rped by Cinder♥

Brightkit- Dark brown tabby with paler stripes and very bright green eyes. Silver